Karnofsky ECOG Description
100%0 Normal; no complaints; no evidence of disease
90%0 Able to carry on normal activity; minor signs or symptoms of disease
80%1 Normal activity with effort; some signs or symptoms of disease
70%1 Cares for self; unable to carry on normal activity or to do active work
60%2 Requires occasional assistance, but is able to care for most of their personal needs
50%2 Requires considerable assistance and frequent medical care
40%3 Disabled; requires special care and assistance
30%3 Severely disabled; hospital admission is indicated although death not imminent
20%4 Very sick; hospital admission necessary; active supportive treatment necessary
10%4Moribund; fatal processes progressing rapidly

ECOG/WHO/Zubrod descriptions

ECOG Description
0 Asymptomatic (Fully active, able to carry on all predisease activities without restriction)
1 Symptomatic but completely ambulatory (Restricted in physically strenuous activity but ambulatory and able to carry out work of a light or sedentary nature. For example, light housework, office work)
2 Symptomatic, <50% in bed during the day (Ambulatory and capable of all self care but unable to carry out any work activities. Up and about more than 50% of waking hours)
3 Symptomatic, >50% in bed, but not bedbound (Capable of only limited self-care, confined to bed or chair 50% or more of waking hours)
4 Bedbound (Completely disabled. Cannot carry on any self-care. Totally confined to bed or chair)
5 Death

Source: Wikipedia