The revised Myeloma Comorbidity Index (R-MCI) allows calculating a score for the estimation of the prognosis and possible therapy-associated risks for patients with multiple myeloma. 3 prognostic risk groups are determined: low-, intermediate- and high-risk. Prognostic factors accounted by the R-MCI are impaired lung and kidney function, the Karnofsky Performance Status, frailty, age and unfavorable cytogenetics. The parameters are used as weighted factors within the R-MCI.

Input and Help

This site provides background information on the R-MCI-Score (classification of the risk groups), methods and literature.

To calculate the score, please choose the appropriate value for each of the 6 categories. (Select the grey buttons in the framework "data entry". E.g.: eGFR).

To obtain detailed information on these values, select the preceding description of a category (e.g.: frailty).

The classification of the risk groups upon calculation can be inspected here:

Classification of risk groups.
Note: The parameters need to be collected in a subjective way; a prospective analysis on the objectification and optimization of the frailty is ongoing.
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Classification of the risk groups
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